Rogers Ignite WiFi Hub

Rogers Ignite WiFi Hub


Introducing a whole new way to WiFi. Included exclusively with Ignite Bundles and new Ignite Internet™ packages from Rogers

Get ready for powerful WiFi at your fingertips. Quickly and easily manage who’s connected from anywhere, on any device. Plus, stay protected by setting controls and alerts. Ignite WiFi™ Hub puts you in command of your WiFi.

With Ignite WiFi™ Hub, you can
• Personalize your WiFi – create customized profiles for everyone in your home
• Stay in the know – see who’s online at home from anywhere, at anytime
• Swap screen time for dinnertime or downtime – pause devices whenever you choose
• Protect your loved ones – turn on easy Parental Controls and Protected Browsing for added peace of mind
• Build healthy habits – create Downtime Schedules or set Active Time Alerts
• Never forget your WiFi password again – quickly check or update your WiFi password
• Maximize your WiFi signal and security – get tips for your best connection without having to call tech support

Getting Started:
• Not sure if you have the Ignite WiFi Gateway modem? Visit and check under “Internet”
• Download and install the Ignite WiFi Hub app on your smartphone
• Launch the app and sign in using your MyRogers username and password
• Select “Remember me” for even faster sign in next time

• Ignite WiFi Gateway modem, included exclusively with Ignite Bundles and new Ignite Internet™ packages from Rogers.
• MyRogers username and password to access the app
• App designed for smartphone use only (for website view, visit on any internet-connected device)

For more information see:

Minor enhancements and bug fixes

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