TV Time – Track Shows & Movies 8.36.0-2021102705

TV Time – Track Shows & Movies 8.36.0-2021102705


Please note: You cannot watch TV shows or movies with TV Time.

TV Time is the tool you need to help organize all the shows and movies you love. Join 18M+ people and use TV Time to:

* Add the shows and movies you want to watch across all platforms
* Receive alerts and notifications when new episodes and movies are available
* See where your shows are available
* Keep track of what you’re watching now – all in one place
* Build a complete library of what you’ve previously watched
* Manage your shows and movies with a personalized calendar
* Create a to-do list of episodes and movies to watch later
* Get personalized show recommendations based on what you’ve watched
* Vote on your favorite characters and rate episodes and movies
* See what other fans are saying, spoiler-free and read reviews

“Here’s to the men who did what was considered wrong, in order to do what they knew was right.” – Benjamin Gates, ‘National Treasure’

We are working behind the scenes to make the app a more enjoyable experience. Stay tuned for more updates!

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