Traced Mobile Security 8.3.4

Traced Mobile Security 8.3.4


The Traced app for Android detects malicious apps, dangerous WiFi networks and protects against phishing – keeping your private and business data secure.

No tracking. No ads. We believe in privacy by default.


It’s a full security suite for your phone, alerting you if:
★ A malicious app is detected on your device
★ You connect to an unsafe WiFi network
★ You open a phishing link
★ Your Android software or device configuration are vulnerable
★ An app tries to access your camera, microphone, takes a screenshot or records your active phone call

Other features:
★ Scan your phone for malicious apps using our Deep Learning engine
★ Take a deep dive into suspicious events and apps
★ Peace of mind knowing that we don’t track you, we can’t access your calls, messages, web browsing history or emails.


Some apps can hide on your phone and access your camera, contacts, messages, location and microphone without you knowing…
Traced detects stalkerware, spyware and other apps that have been installed on your phone behind your back. Some of these apps can get millions of downloads before they’re marked as unsafe, so Traced uses AI to spot malicious apps before other security apps know about them.

Why is Traced different?
★The app is completely free, with NO ads
★ Powered by Deep Learning, Traced uniquely analyses your phone’s apps and alerts you to suspicious activity that may be caused by spyware, stalkerware, and other types of mobile malware.
★ We don’t track individual users
★ Transparency and integrity is our battlecry! We’re committed to delivering the highest levels of privacy and security to everyone.
★ The Traced app doesn’t require access to Accessibility Services (which can be abused) and we don’t use Location services to track you.
★ We are members of Coalition Against Stalkerware, and contribute our research and analysis to further the work of Coalition in eradicating stalkerware.

For advice and support, head to our website at
We welcome your feedback to help make our app the best it can be.



Usage Access – Detect foreground position of apps for suspicious behaviour analysis
Location – WiFi Protection & Location grabbing detection


About Traced
Traced is a free mobile security and privacy app built in the UK by two veterans of cybersecurity. It’s a completely free app that alerts you as suspicious behaviour is detected on your phone. Traced uses static and dynamic analysis to detect abusive app behaviour, and guides you in a straightforward way to take remedial action.


Privacy Policy
Traced respects your privacy and promises to safeguard your personal data. For more information:

What’s new:
– Our new and improved deep learning engine to detect malicious apps. This boasts our best detection rates of never-before-seen threats so far.
– To further improve detection rates, we have created a cloud lookup service for apps that appear malicious or suspicious.
– For clarity we have moved away from using the terms High, Medium and Low risk for apps and now use the terms Malicious, Suspicious and Clean.

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