bunq – bank of The Free 18.12.2

bunq – bank of The Free 18.12.2


🌈 We are bunq, the bank of The Free
We exist to challenge what banking is and can be for you, to break free from the status quo. Together with our users, we built a fully mobile banking app that gives you power over your money. At the end of the day, it’s about making life easy so you can save time, money, and CO2. We are as ambitious as we are mindful, wanting to help you leave your positive mark on the world.

💰With bunq, your money is fully insured
Thanks to our European banking permit your money is fully insured, up to €100,000. We apply rigorous safety measures and are tested and audited to the highest standards. Your safety is our highest concern.

🔒Additionally, your privacy is guaranteed
We guard your privacy as if it’s our own. We will never sell your data to anyone. Your transaction data is stored in Germany, a country that values your privacy as much as we do.

📱 The features of our beautiful mobile banking app
– No hidden fees – with TransferWise safely send money to 39 supported currencies and always get the real exchange rate. Saving you money with no hidden fees.
– Multiple Sub-Accounts – Budgeting for groceries? Bills? New car? Doesn’t matter. Set up a bank account for all your needs in seconds.
– Freedom of Choice – The only bank in the world that lets you decide how your money gets invested.
– Loyalty Cards – Never worry about bringing dozens of loyalty cards with you. Simply add them to the app and have full access anytime, anywhere.
– Google Pay – Safe and fast online payments in millions of places, on sites, in apps and in stores using your bunq card with Google Pay.
– Real-time account activity push notifications, the evolution of online banking
– Insights – Automatically categorize all outgoing payments. By knowing where your money goes, you can easily put up to 10% into your savings account without any effort.
– Budgets – Easily setup a monthly budget and fully customize it by choosing your starting date and include/exclude as many accounts as you like.
– bunq.me – Always get your money back in the easiest way. Simply send your personal payment link and let the money flow in!

Our subscriptions
🌎 Easy Bank – Get a bank account, in just 5 minutes.
💸 Easy Money – Bank like a local all across Europe.
🌳 Easy Green – Become CO2 Free in 2 years, with zero effort.

What’s new
You can send and request money in foreign currencies to and from recipients without a bunq account. Just enter their email or phone number!
What’s fixed
The Cash Deposit fee calculation wouldn’t calculate correctly sometimes. Fixed now!
The app might’ve crashed when activity gets recreated – now it’s all fixed!
For these and other improvements, update your app today!

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