iAquaLink 6.2.3

iAquaLink 6.2.3


With iAquaLink, you can monitor and control a full range of industry-leading swimming pool equipment
anytime, anywhere. iAquaLink offers the ultimate in intelligent pool control from a mobile
device – empowering pool owners and professionals to create the perfect pool experience on-site or on-


AquaLink RS, PDA, Z4 | Pool & Spa Automation
Anytime, Anywhere Control:
– Heat up your Spa, adjust sanitizer generation, even manage multiple pools
– Control up to 32 pool/spa features including lights, waterfalls, and jets
– Set the mood automatically with OneTouch Scene selection

iQPUMP01 | Variable-Speed Pump Control
Optimize Pump Operation:
– Set custom pump speeds
– Set custom schedules
– Monitor power usage

ALPHA, VRX, EPIC, Evo and 9 series | Robotic Pool Cleaner
On demand Cleaning:
– Wi-Fi connectivity – control from anywhere, at any time
– Cleaning modes selection
– Remote control mode*
– Easy Lift removal system*
*Features vary by model

Z400iQ, Z550iQ | Connected Heat Pump
Optimized Temperature Control:
– Air and water temperature monitoring
– Set custom temperatures for heating and cooling
– Mode Selection

eXO iQ / Hydroxinator iQ / Duo iQ | Salt Water Chlorinator
All-in-one water quality control:
– Automatic maintenance of water balance (with optional pH Link or Dual Link modules)
– Control of the filtration pump (single speed or Zodiac variable speed)
– Control of heating system
– Control of pool lights (white or Zodiac color Led)
– Hydroxinator iQ model delivers magnesium-based water treatment for an unparalleled bathing experience

• TCX Freeze Protection Settings
• Feature improvements and bug fixes

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