Yandex Widget

Yandex Widget


Quickly find what you need online and on your device. Check the weather forecast, traffic jams or exchange rate with a single look at your screen. With Yandex Widget you can:

See only what you need. Yandex Widget can show weather, traffic, exchange rate, news, current time and your device’s battery charge in any order that’s convenient for you. You can hide features you don’t need.

Autofill your searches. Yandex Widget can automatically complete words or phrases you type in, and shows you alternative queries and corrects spelling errors.

Get answers fast. Yandex has many prepared responses for typical search queries such as “the capital of Australia” or “Shakespeare’s birthday” and shows these suggestions first.

Use your voice. Say out loud what you’re searching for instead of typing it in, and launch apps with voice commands, such as “open maps” to open your maps app.

Yandex Widget adapts to the size of your device’s screen, and you can customize the appearance and layout of widgets for it on your main screen.

* Personalized recommendations based on your query history

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