M64Plus FZ Emulator 3.0.308 (beta)-free

M64Plus FZ Emulator 3.0.308 (beta)-free


All necessary cores and plugins are included. There are many caveats though.

* There will be issues with specific games or devices.
* Not all games work, but most do.
* For games that do work, you may have to try different video plugins
* Not all video plugins will work with every device, and there could be glitches.

The netplay server is only supported in the pro version. To play games over the internet, it requires a router with UPnP and being connected to the router. No UPnP is required to play games locally in the same WiFi network.

For support, please go to either: /r/EmulationOnAndroid or www.paulscode.com

Here is a great guide: www.paulscode.com/forum/index.php?topic=15692.0
Here is how to modify controller mappings: www.paulscode.com/forum/index.php?topic=15812.0

Force SAF file browser with Android TV with Android 11.

Fix netplay crash
Add overclock option, some games can run at 60fps when overclocked, but it requires a faster phone.
Fix screenshot feature
Improve the compatibility of Retroid Pocket 2+ with the GLideN64 profiles.
Bug and stability fixes.
GLideN64 update to fix recent issues.
Fix ANR when loading games from external sources.
Bug fixes
Performance improvements on some devices.
Fix some recently introduced Glide64mk2 graphical issues.

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