Trivia Crack Adventure 2.44.1

Trivia Crack Adventure 2.44.1


Knowledge is once again the key to victory. Answer correctly to get more dice rolls, advance faster and reach the crown.

• Answer questions to win
• Enjoy tons of content
• Claim the daily reward
• Reach the top of each league and earn awesome rewards

Milly wants to reach the crown before Willy, you have to do everything you can to stop him. All kinds of traps are laid out to slow you down and you have to rescue the trivies by answering questions. Use powerups to your advantage and answer correctly to reach the goal.

Put your explorer spirit to the test with leagues and compete against other users. Earn badges by answering correctly and winning matches, reach the podium to earn the best rewards. Will you be among the very best?

Doubts, problems or suggestions? Reach us at

Even the greatest of adventurers need to take a quick break to catch their breath. We made the most of ours to make some visual improvements and bug fixes so that you can return to the adventure refreshed and recovered.

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